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About Nevada Highway Patrol Accident Reports

If you’ve been in a recent accident in the state of Nevada, you’ll need to obtain a Nevada Highway Patrol accident report. For a simple fee and some time dedicated to the task, you’ll be able to obtain an accident report to help make your case to an insurer, the other driver or the authorities. To make matters more confusing, however, there are two ways to obtain an accident report, and it depends on where the accident took place. 

If the accident took place in Las Vegas, you’ll have to contact the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to obtain an accident report. On the other hand, if the accident occurred somewhere else in the state, you can reach out to the Nevada Highway Patrol for a copy of the accident report.

Obtaining a Nevada Highway Patrol Crash Report

Accidents that take place outside Las Vegas will be handled and investigated by the Nevada Highway Patrol. You can obtain a copy of the accident report via the Nevada Highway Patrol website online, though you’ll have to pay a small fee for each report requested. The same goes for accidents that occur in Las Vegas, which are available via the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police’s website. 

After you submit your request, you’ll be contacted by the Department of Public Safety or the Nevada Highway Patrol within 3 days to discuss obtaining your accident report. Reports can be delivered digitally, as well as through regular mail, and they can take up to 7 or 10 days for delivery. 

That said, you’ll need to know a few things before you can order an accident report from the Nevada Highway Patrol or the Las Vegas Police Department. For starters, you’ll have to indicate the region in which the accident occurred: Northern Command West, Northern Command East or Southern Command. 

Each corresponds to a different jurisdiction that handles all accidents within the boundary, and once you’ve identified the right region you can provide a crash number, the date and time the crash occurred, as well as the location of the crash and the investigating trooper to the proper authorities to obtain your accident report.

Ordering a Nevada Highway Patrol accident report must occur within 10 days of the accident via form SR-1, Report of a Traffic Crash. Accompanying the SR-1, you’ll also need a copy of your insurance, estimates for any repairs and a doctor’s note for each injury that occurred.

If you’ve been in a recent accident, you may have legal rights. Let us obtain an accident report for you and help protect your interests. Get started by selecting the county of your accident above.