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We understand being in an accident is stressful and confusing, not to mention a minefield of bureaucracy and paperwork. But every claim must be made in conjunction with your accident report. This is the first and most important document you will need.

This means that when you apply for your accident report via our online form, you will have the opportunity to speak with an accident doctor if you wish. If you don’t wish to speak with anyone, simply select no and no one will contact you, and you will be able to acquire the information required to access your report.

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What Should You do After Being in an Auto Accident?

There is a process that you should follow if you have been in an accident for your own wellbeing, peace of mind and if you plan on making an insurance claim.

At each stage of the process, it is vital that you collect and keep all paperwork relating to the accident, and that includes your police auto accident report.


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Get Checked by Accident Doctors

Even if you have been in a low impact accident, the chances are you will have suffered a soft tissue injury. It’s very important to get this checked and treated right away. This is where your accident injury doctors team comes into play.

These doctors have specific training and experience in dealing with soft tissue injuries. They also know the procedure for dealing with accident victims, and for providing relevant documentation to help the insurance claims.

Accident doctors are proficient in helping you with your injuries but also providing answers to many questions relating to your accident, both in health and dealing with attorneys and insurance companies.

What Happens if You Don't Get Treatment?

Even if you feel you haven’t been injured, the chances are you have. Even in low impact crashes, the body still absorbs some of the energy from the impact which snaps the neck forwards and back in a whiplash motion. This tears tiny muscle fibers which if left to heal on their own, do not heal properly, and form adhesions and trigger points.

Once at this stage, the muscles contract and spasm, and this compresses the joints of the spine. Over time, this compression puts pressure on the discs which causes degeneration. Once the discs degenerate, it is not possible to restore them, and you will experience pain. At this point, all treatment is from a pain management perspective.

If you leave your injuries, you could suffer significant pain at a later date. You will also lose any claim on insurance that could have helped you at the time of the injury.

In short, get fixed as soon as possible for your own welfare and so you may claim your injuries against accident insurance.

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And of course, one of the most important pieces of paperwork you will need is a copy of your police accident report.

You can claim this by selecting your State and the region it happened in and applying online right now.

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