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How to Obtain a Colorado Accident Report

Unfortunately, auto accidents happen – and they’re all too common in Colorado.

Chances are, you’re feeling overwhelmed right now. Maybe you’re dealing with injuries or transport issues, or you’re facing a stream of insurance paperwork. Or, maybe you’re even dealing with legal issues and the threat of litigation looming overhead. While it’s crucial you focus on recovering and moving beyond these problems, you shouldn’t forget about the fact that you may be owed compensation based on the terms of your accident.

After any auto accident in Colorado, it’s crucial you obtain a Colorado State Patrol accident report. Not only can a detailed accident report ensure you have documentation to support what happened during the incident, but it can help you secure any compensation you may be entitled to.

But how do you get a Colorado State Patrol accident report, and why should you consider hiring legal help after your accident?

We’ll walk you through the answers to these questions below.

What Information You Can Find in a Colorado Accident Report

If you have any interest in claiming bodily injury or damage on your car, you’ll want to have a Colorado State Patrol accident report.

An accident report documents various details about what happened at the scene and what may have caused the accident. You can expect to find the following details in an accident report in Colorado:

  • Confirmation of the date, time, and location of the accident
  • Weather conditions
  • Contact details for parties involved
  • An officer’s description of what may have happened
  • Witness details, if available

If the other person involved had any outstanding traffic violations, was under the influence, or was not paying attention; this will all be documented in the Colorado accident report and will look good for your claim.

Do You Need Legal Help?

Yes. A legal expert can review your accident report and help determine if there’s probable cause for a compensation claim. They’ll also get your report quickly so you can amend any wrong details, if necessary.

Why Does Your Colorado Accident Report Matter?

The accident report may help you prove that the accident was not your fault and it highlights all the details of the accident so you can keep yourself out of trouble and get the compensation you deserve.

The first step after an accident is to make sure that everyone is okay and that both parties are safe. However, once you’ve done that, it’s time to contact the authorities. By doing so, you’ve made the right choice because they’ll investigate the situation and make it possible for you to get a copy of your Colorado traffic crash report.

In terms of when you should file a report, aim to report the incident urgently unless there’s a medical emergency at the scene.

How Do You Get a Colorado State Patrol Accident Report?

Getting your Colorado State Patrol accident report is the next step and you can do it easily with our help. We even have legal counsel and medical professionals to help provide their perspective and counsel.

Start by choosing your county and state and then add the details necessary to receive your report. The service is free and does not require you to sign up for a contract or anything like that. Keep in mind that having the guidance of a legal or medical professional can help strengthen your case.

We have experience assisting more than 13,000 accident victims in obtaining their Colorado accident report. If you’re ready to learn how to acquire yours, we’re here to help you through this process – reach out to get started today.