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Ohio Accident Reports

Have you suffered a car crash in Ohio? You may need a traffic accident report.

Ohio traffic accident reports are critical for proving personal injury lawsuits, and settling insurance claims. However, they’re not always easy to find. You may not know which law enforcement agency to approach. You might find yourself redirected from department to department, still no closer to getting your accident report.

The solution? You need to know where to look to find your report online. That’s where we can help.

At Auto Accident Report, our team can find any crash report in Ohio with ease. Whether it’s a police report, or Ohio State Highway Patrol crash report, we’ll find it. And we’ll explain exactly how you can access your report online.

Get started by selecting your county above and hitting “Submit”. It’s that simple!

Your Ohio Crash Report Matters

Crash reports are legal evidence. They set out what happened in a car accident. You can use a car accident report to prove:

  • Who caused a crash
  • The value of property damage
  • Injuries or fatalities at the scene
  • Date, time, and location of the crash

Car accident reports contain vital information. They help your insurance company settle your claim more efficiently. And they can help you secure compensation for personal injuries.

You must call police to report a crash – and obtain a report – if there are any injuries. Even if you don’t need a police report, you should file a report in Ohio anyway. Crash reports can be critical in moving your claim forward.

And if you don’t make a report, you could risk charges for fleeing the scene. It’s never worth the risk!

How to Find Your Ohio Accident Report Online

You know you need your car accident report, but you don’t know where to look. Does this sound familiar?

Don’t waste any more time looking for Ohio crash reports online. Instead, trust Auto Accident Report to search for you. We’ll get to work on locating your report while you concentrate on healing.

24/7 Service

Accidents happen day and night. And it’s not always convenient for you to find your report during regular hours. That’s why our search facility is live 24/7. Simply input some basic details and we’ll find your report.

Connection to Legal and Medical Experts

Do you need a lawyer or medical expert? When you provide your accident details, you can let us match you with the right contact.

There’s no obligation here. If you don’t require this service, just provide the accident details and bypass this step. At Auto Accident Report, we keep things simple!

Support and Guidance

Car crashes are stressful experiences. Whether you need help reading your report or finding an attorney, our team can help. We’ll answer any questions you have about the process so you feel confident going forward.

Ready to get started? You only need to provide a few basic details about your accident. The form takes minutes to complete and we’ll provide the results by email. You can then access your report at your convenience.

Don’t delay. Start now and get your Ohio crash report online!