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How Do I Get an NYPD Accident Report?

If you’ve been involved in an accident, you’ll know it’s an incredibly stressful experience. Your first priority is ensuring that everyone is safe and that there are no major injuries. But once the dust settles and you’ve confirmed there’s no one in need of immediate medical attention, your thoughts might turn to what actually happened and who is responsible. Will your insurance cover the incident? And what should you do if you’re injured through no fault of your own?

That’s where your police accident report comes in. Accidents happen all the time, but whether or not you’re to blame, you must ensure you’re covered no matter what. Your accident report is a pivotal document in any dispute between you and the other party, so here’s a look at what you’ll find in a NY police accident report, and why you need legal help after an accident in NY. 

What Is an NYPD Accident Report?

An accident report in NY sets out the details of what happened. It will include such details as:

  • Names and contact details for the parties involved
  • Witness names, statements, and contact details if applicable 
  • Date and time of the accident 
  • Crash-related details e.g. vehicles involved

The police officer may also draw a diagram of the incident or note down their own conclusions as to what happened.  

When Should You File a Report?

Your immediate priority is making sure everyone is okay. If you have children in the car, check on them, check on passengers, and then proceed to check on the people in the other car.

Once you’ve determined that everyone is okay, you should call the police and report the incident. NY police accident reports should be filed as soon as possible, so don’t hesitate in calling law enforcement to file your report unless there’s a medical emergency. 

Why Do I Need Legal Help After an Accident?

There are a few reasons why legal help is invaluable after an accident. Firstly, in the event of a disagreement between you and the other vehicle, you may need an attorney to represent you through any possible litigation. What’s more, a legal specialist can review your report and tell you whether there’s any claim for personal injury or other civil suit. So, if you’re planning on claiming insurance money for personal injury or property damage, the accident report helps both medical and legal professionals determine probable cause.

Finally, a legal professional can ensure you get access to your NYPD accident report as soon as possible so you can correct any errors which may affect your case.   

Why Get an NYPD Accident Report? 

Still not sure if you need your own copy of the NYPD accident report? The answer is yes, you do! 

You might not think that this is necessary since the authorities already have the report but that’s not true. It’s up to you to do your own homework, come prepared, and ensure that everything is how it should be. Think of it this way: if there are any mistakes in the report, you won’t know  until it’s too late if you don’t take the time to get your own copy of the NYPD accident report. And if you bring along your own copy of the report to any legal case hearing, the judge will see you’re organized and know you’ve come prepared, which is always a good thing.

Things to Pay Attention to In Your NY Accident Report

One very important step is to make sure you’re checking the report thoroughly. Once you have it, go through and make sure that all the information in there is correct. Even small details like misspelled words can make a big difference in court. If anything is incorrect in the NY police accident report, ensure that it gets changed before the case evolves into something more serious. 

How Do I Obtain an NY Police Accident Report?

Getting your NYPD police accident report starts with you selecting your state and county above. Once you’ve done that you’ll enter a few small details and you’ll receive the option of getting legal or medical counsel from professionals. Having this advice is critically important because it will strengthen your case and increase the likelihood of you having the best outcome possible. 

We’ve helped thousands of people receive their NYPD accident report, and we can help you, too. If you’re ready to learn how to acquire yours, we’re here to supporr you through this process, so contact us now.