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Car Accidents in Indiana

Accidents are unfortunate but they happen. And when they do, they cause shock, hurt or even trauma (physical, or mental, or both).

They also bring a lot of paperwork. And when you’re recovering from a crash, paperwork is the last thing on your mind. However, it can be critical to helping you get back on your feet.

What’s the most important document you need? Your Indiana crash report. It’s the first document you need to send your insurance company.

But how do you obtain an accident report in Indiana? It’s straightforward if you know where to look!

Below, we guide you through the steps to getting your Indiana accident report online. This will help you file your claim as soon as possible.

What Is an Indiana State Police Accident Report?

An Indiana accident report details what happened in a crash. A police officer completes the report and describes what they believe caused the crash.

The report contains key details such as the date, time, and location of the crash. It also describes injuries, property damage, and citations at the scene. It’s used by insurers to settle claims, and personal injury lawyers to file lawsuits.

How Do I Get My Crash Report in Indiana?

The first step to getting your crash report in Indiana is to contact us. All you need to do is complete our quick and easy online form. We will find your report and tell you where to get a copy.

If you contact the police directly, the process is more time-consuming. You may also struggle to find the right contact information, or reach the correct department. We take care of this for you so you can focus on recovering.

How Can Auto Accident Report Help Me?

Whether you have an insurance claim or personal injury claim, we can help! Here’s what our team can do for you.

  • Find your accident report online.
  • Match you with a legal or medical expert, if this is a service you require.
  • Explain the next steps for obtaining access to your report.
  • Answer any questions you have about accessing your Indiana accident report.

It’s free to use our service. And there’s no obligation to select legal counsel or a medical expert. You can simply skip this step and move straight to your report.

How to Obtain a Copy of Your Crash Report in Indiana

It’s really easy to get started.

  • Choose your state and county from the dropdown menu.
  • Complete our online form. All you need to do is provide a few simple details.
  • Opt in to speak to a medical or legal expert. Or, skip this part.
  • Discover how to access your crash report.

Our form is online 24/7 because we know that time matters. Don’t delay in contacting us. Whether you’re seeking compensation or making a car accident claim, choose Auto Accident Report. We’ve helped over 13,000 accident victims get their reports – and we can help you, too!

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