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Your first step in documentation for filing an insurance claim is acquiring your Sacramento auto accident report. As an injured party or as a relative or friend of the accident victim, you can begin that process here.

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Your accident report is the first document you need to file a claim. 

Significance of Getting a Sacramento Auto Accident Report

An accident report is a mandatory document required for reimbursement of property damage or medical expenses in relation to the accident. It helps insurers investigate the veracity of the claim. Additionally in cases that involve a court case related to the collision, an accident report is equally necessary. However in which type of accident is it necessary?

Almost all types of accidents warrant an accident report. Especially in automobile accidents that result in personal injury, death, or property damage, it’s essential to notify the police before any party leave the scene. The law enforcement official, on arrival, investigates the scene and gathers information relating to the collision, all of which helps in making a law enforcement or Sacramento car accident report. It is a helpful document for all concerned parties – insured victims, insurance providers, and attorneys (in cases where a lawsuit is filed).

In contrast, in case of minor accidents like a fender bender or in the absence of considerable property damage, it isn’t necessary to call the police. However, according to the motor vehicle accidents law in California, the involved parties must stop and exchange information with one another even in case of minor collisions. If any party fails to do so, it may lead to a hit and run charge, which in turn can lead to a severe penalty.

Generally speaking, no matter how minor the accident, it’d make sense to notify the police who conduct their due diligence to investigate the matter and determine the cause of the accident. It’s no doubt an important step to get your reimbursement claims settled and in case a lawsuit is filed against you. However if you want to avoid notifying the police in case of a minor crash, be sure to self-report the event to the California Highway Patrol or local police.